Wounded Leader Britain and America in the Age of Disconnect – Nick Duffell


The late poet Robert Bly said that ‘the US has achieved the first consistent culture of denial in the modern world.’ Britain, however, is a consistent culture of dissociation. Brits could not conduct their politics like Americans; instead, they just don’t speak about things: no one even speaks the word Brexit anymore. From the time they are seven, the British elite are trained in dissociation, compartmentalisation and projection in prestigious boarding schools, which, incidentally, pay no taxes. A thirty-five-year specialist study has revealed how this learned dislocation has had global consequences, including becoming the engine for modernism, whereby the planet and indigenous peoples could be ruthlessly exploited with our any qualms of conscious: hence our present state of calamity.

Short bio:

Having practised psychotherapy for 35 years, Nick Duffell is a psychohistorian committed to bridging the gap between psychological and political thinking, promoting a depth psychology-perspective of issues that affect our public life very deeply such as identity and emotions, fear and vulnerability, but about which political commentators currently lack the means to properly to address. Nick’s books include The Simpol Solution: A New Way to Think about Solving the World’s Biggest Problems with John Bunzl (Prometheus, 2018) and Wounded Leaders: British Elitism and the Entitlement Illusion – a Psychohistory (Lone Arrow Press, 2014). He contributed to Humanistic Psychology: Current Trends, Future Prospects (Routledge, 2017) and The Political Self (Karnac, 2016), but is best known for The Making of Them: the British Attitude to Children and the Boarding School System (Lone Arrow Press, 2000).