When Worlds Collide: The intrapsychic and interpersonal dimensions of trauma – Rose Gupta, Gabriela Gusita, Claire Steinberger, Inna Rozentsvit


This panel, comprised of an IPhA Process Group, informally named, “A Room of Our Own”, has come together to study the many manifestations of trauma including our shared, unique experiences. As we voice our personal resonance to trauma, our processing group allows for breaking the silence, finding words. witnessing and repair. For this presentation we will begin with Dr. Gupta who will present a clinical case of transgenerational trauma including immigration and relocation, familial dysfunction and intrapsychic collapse and recovery. Panel members will discuss this case from our diverse theoretical perspectives including neuropsychology, object relations, relational Psychoanalysis, intersubjectivity, Freudian and sociology-cultural models. This will be followed by Drs. Gusita, Newton, Steinberger, Rosentsvit each discussing their clinical cases and experiences that will illustrate each clinician’s individual theoretical perspective in order to further our understanding of the complexity of trauma.

Short bio:

Rose Gupta, PsyD, LCSW. Psychoanalyst, Clinical Social Worker, instructor, international speaker, and consultant in private practice in San Francisco. Her papers include: Left Too Long: The Disappearing Analyst; When The Mind Does Not Arrive; Thinking About Trauma, Finding Frankenstein; The Frankenstein Metaphor; Estranged From Oneself with a focus on negation trauma, intersubjectivity and unrepresented states.

Gabriela Gusita, Ph.D. Psychologist, trained in Relational Psychoanalysis, in private practice in Athens, Greece. Forensic Psychologist for the Athens Court of Justice. Active member and Co-founder of three Study Groups on Ferenczi’s Work. Member of the International Forum on Violence. Participant at local and international conferences and seminars focused on the Violent Environment of Trauma. the identity of the therapist, and the mutuality of emotions in therapy.

Inna Rosentsvit, MD, Ph.D, MBA, MSci. She is a physician-neurologist and neurorehabilitstion specialist trained in Psychoanalysis and psychotherapy with extensive experience in brain injury, autoimmune neurological and neuropsychiatric conditions and rehabilitation. She is Associate Editor, Clio’s Psyche; Associate Director of the Psychohistory Forum; Group Co-Leader of the Psychobiography Research and Publication Group of the Forum.