Transgenerational Patterns of Parenthood and Their Effect on the Individual and Societal History — Krystyna Sanderson, Marc-Andre Cotton, Inna Rozentsvit (Part 1)


This panel represents collaborative work done by the members of the two IPhA’s working groups – on Parenting and on Transgenerational Trauma & Resilience: Krystyna Sanderson, Marc-Andre Cotton, and Inna Rozentsvit. In her part, entitled “From Parenting to Parenthood,” Inna Rozentsvit will discuss the need for a paradigm shift, from parenting (advices and strategies) — to looking into parenthood experiences first. In Krystyna Sanderson’s presentation entitled “Seeing my Polish Childhood through my Mother’s Eyes,” she will discuss her childhood as seen through her mother’s eyes and will explore the role of epigenetics in the transgenerational transmission of elements of her mother’s trauma to her. Mac-Andre Cotton will conclude the panel with his presentation on “Putin’s Russia and Transgenerational Delegation of Trauma,” in which he will discuss how the group conflicts are embedded in existing family dynamics, because as much as we form our primary identity within the family circle as children, we tend to re-create family problematics on the social sphere by restaging our earliest imprints as adults.

Short bio:

Krystyna Sanderson, Psy.D., LP, is a psychoanalyst in private practice in New York and an instructor and supervisor at the Psychoanalytic Training Institute. She writes and lectures regularly on topics dealing with psychoanalysis in relation to art, spirituality and the application of psychoanalytic principles to social and historical phenomena. Dr. Sanderson is a contributing author of the Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion and the author of a photo essay, Light at Ground Zero: St. Paul’s Chapel After 9/11. She is a member of the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis (NAAP).

Marc-André Cotton, MA, is an independent scholar and advocate of children. With his late wife and therapist Sylvie Vermeulen, he is the founder of the French website Regard conscient, a research project whose purpose is to bring to light the links between repressed sufferings and their acting out on the different stages of life. He has published numerous articles on PH related topics, eventually serving as IPhA’s International Vice President since 2014. He regularly writes for French magazine PEPS, a quarterly dedicated to positive parenting, and lectures in parental education. He’s the author of In the Name of the Father, the Bush Years and the Legacy of Violence in Childrearing, published in French in 2014.

Inna Rozentsvit, M.D., PhD, MSciEd, is a physician-neurologist and neurorehabilitation specialist trained in psychoanalysis and various trauma-, psychosoma-, and neurodiversity informed practices. She is also an independent researcher in applied neuroscience and psychohistory, and she teaches courses on functional psycho-neuro-biology lens and its application to any discipline of knowledge, academic as well as popular and self-knowledge.