The mother imago in French political life (1789-1914) and its effects on social links – Brigitte Demeure


From the French Revolution to WWI, the mother imago is central in most French political imaginaries. It belongs to the realm of “believing” or “making believe” with obvious effects on social links and knowledge, some of which still irrigate political life in France, or even some countries abroad (Brazil, Turkey…). The focus will be on the far-right movement Action Française, which appeared at the end of the XIX century, that could be considered one of the precursors of fascism.

Short bio:

Brigitte Demeure has worked for many years in international trade, but also as an activist and member of the board of various international solidarity NGO’s defending worker’s rights. She holds a master’s degree in intercultural negotiation, a PhD in history, is a qualified translator and author of many psychohistorical articles
published in France, Germany and the USA. She has received two awards by the ACOPSA (American College of Psychoanalysts) in the USA., and is Secretary of the
International Psychohistorical Association in N.Y