Panel Presentation (continued):
The Many Roads to Psychobiography: A Multigenerational Panel
Panelists: Inna Rozentsvit (panel organizer), Natacha Bianca Isabelle Gaud, Lentisitse Nkarabeng Mekgwe, Present Raymond Ramalepe, Claude-Hélène Mayer (moderator) (60 min)

Lentisitse Nkarabeng Mekgwe: A psychobiography of a Woman Leader: Winnie Madikizela-Mandela (30 min)

Abstract: This psychobiography seeks to study Winnie Madikizela-Mandela as a woman leader in South Africa. The study will occur through the authentic leadership model proposed by Klenke (2007). This perspective is utilised to establish an understanding of Winnie’s leadership authenticity in her respective positions and relations to the community she led. The authentic leadership dimensions through which Winnie will be examined includes the self-identity, leader-identity and spiritual-identity systems model proposed by Klenke (2007). These dimensions would elicit Winnie’s leadership authenticity through her self-knowledge and awareness as an individual. The sentiment of this psychobiographical study is to offer a thorough exploration of Winnie’s journey towards her ultimate authenticity and extraordinariness (Mayer et al., 2021) as a woman leader. With the prevalence of several biographies of Winnie, this psychobiographical perspective lends an alternative understanding of her extraordinary, complex, and unique (Mayer et al., 2021; Steinberg, 2023; Maasdorp, 2018; Van Niekerk, 2021) characteristic as a woman leader. The value-add of this study highlights the growing re-emerging attraction to psychobiographical studies, particularly of African women leaders. It likewise seeks echo the invite of psychobiographical perspectives and studies of unique and extraordinary individuals (Mayer et al., 2021; Maasdorp, 2018; Van Niekerk, 2021), particularly individuals, contexts and industries that are not maximally researched.

Bio: Lentisitse Nkarabeng Mekgwe, MPhil Industrial Psychology student, South Africa. Affiliation: University of Johannesburg, Department: Industrial Psychology and People Management (IPPM). Research supervisor: Prof Claude-Hélène Mayer.

Present Raymond Ramalepe: Mamphela Ramphele: A Woman Leader in South Africa (30 min)

Abstract: Dr. Mamphela Aletta Ramphele, born on December 28, 1947, is a prominent South African figure known for her tireless efforts against apartheid. Her multifaceted roles as an activist, leader, academic, and businesswoman have left a lasting impact on the economy of South Africa. Throughout the apartheid era, Ramphele dedicated herself to fostering societal progress, striving for equality, and fought for total liberation, alongside notable figures such as Steve Biko. However, the authorities employed oppressive laws to disrupt her efforts for liberation. As a result, Ramphele’s leadership style was profoundly shaped by experiences of being subjected to banning orders, enduring suffering, imprisonment, and facing harassment. Hence, this study aims to explore and understand the personal challenges and adversities encountered by Dr. Mamphela Ramphele throughout her life journey, analyzing their significant impact on her career advancement and the unique leadership approach she exhibits. To explore this topic, a psychobiographical study will be conducted, evaluating Ramphele’s life and personal experiences. This review will involve using both primary and secondary methods to collect data, such as autobiographies, biographies, books, and transcripts of interviews from diverse databases. Purposive sampling will be used to select the subject based on her contributions to the South African political arena, academia, and economic development. Content analysis will be employed to analyze data sourced from various communication channels. To ensure the integrity of the study, trustworthiness, and ethical considerations will be maintained throughout the entire research process.

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