Panel Presentation:
Psychohistorical Aspects of the Global Rise of the Radical Right and Authoritarian Populism
Panelists: Brigitte Demeure, Ken Fuchsman, Karyne Messina, Peter Petschauer, Kenneth Rasmussen (60 min)

Kenneth Rasmussen: Psychohistorical Reflections on Recent Developments Within Authoritarian Populism in the Global South: Brazil, Argentina, and India (30 min)

Abstract: There is a need, given the recent global upsurge of the radical right and authoritarian populism, for psychohistorians today to both apply the insights of past scholarly analyses and to forge new insights to understand recent developments and trends within far-right extremism. Using both traditional psychological perspectives and those of contemporary psychoanalytic trauma research, this paper will provide a global overview of the psychic consequences of economic crisis, the COVID pandemic, increased immigration, internet-fueled fanatic ultranationalist and radical religious ideology, and the disruptive impact of the digital world of social media, in shaping specific political leaders and movements in Brazil, Argentina, and India. It will describe some broader psychohistorical themes and patterns that these nations now have in common with the US, Western Europe, and Russia, that increasingly characterize the global populist radical right.

Bio: Kenneth Rasmussen, PhD, PsyD, is an independent scholar with PhD in Modern History from UCLA and a practicing psychotherapist with a certificate in psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

Brigitte Demeure: Psychohistorical aspects of the rise of the far right in Germany and in France (30 min)

Abstract: The rise of the far right and authoritarianism is the subject of different analyses in Germany and France. I will focus here on the research of the “Leipziger Autoritarismus Studien” who have been studying these phenomena for years, referring to the work of the Frankfurt School (T. W. Adorno, E. Fromm, others) and the work of French sociologists, including that of Jérôme Fourquet. The differences in approaches and their conclusions will be presented in this communication.

Bio: Brigitte Demeure, PhD, M2, has worked for many years in international trade, but also as a member of the board of various international solidarity NGO’s. She holds a master’s degree in intercultural negotiation, a PhD in history, is a qualified translator and author of the book “La figure maternelle dans la vie politique française, 1789-1914” (Editions Universitaires d’Avignon, 2023), and of many psychohistorical articles published in peer-reviewed journals in France, Germany, and the USA. She has received two awards by the ACOPSA (American College of Psychoanalysts) in the USA.