Panel of the IPhA’s Roundtable Discussion Working Group (continued):
Caring for Self and Other in a Destructive and Trauma-Filled World (60 min)
Panelists: Rose Gupta, Gabriela Gusita, Inna Rosentvit (organizer), Claire Steinberg (moderator)

Panel’s Abstract: This group explores the complexity of caring, where experience of caregiving and caretaking offers unconscious and conscious meaning-making and unique opportunity for fantasy, dreamwork and enactment possibility. Participants discuss unexpected elements of psychic growth and development found in confrontation with lifecycle transitions and processes of aging, illness, and death in a disruptive trauma-fueled environment.

Discussants share personal and therapeutic narratives, emphasizing commonalities and differences and the wide diversity of bio-social-emotional states: solitude and relational holding, isolation and despair, and burden, rage, and gratitude. The panel incorporates the interplay of time with individual, familial, therapeutic, neurobiological, and broad communal concerns. The audience will be invited to participate.

Rose Gupta: Negation Trauma and the collapse of empathy (30 min)

Abstract: In this section, I take up the concept of Negation Trauma from an intersubjective perspective; that is, the encounter between two subjects. I will discuss negation trauma as being the intent to destroy, annihilate, reduce to a thing another person’s subjectivity. I will describe the intrapsychic impact on the mind when internalizing the annihilating other. We will discuss the consequences of intrapsychic negation trauma projected onto our interpersonal world.

Inna Rozentsvit: The Why’s of Care-Giving and Care-Receiving, and the Meaning of Life (30 min)

Abstract: Caregiving is becoming the “new norm” in America. Why do people become caregivers? What motivates them? How care-giving relates to self-care and care-receiving? I will explore the neurobiology of caregiving, of self-care, as well as my family’s and my own relationship with both.


Rose Gupta, PsyD, LCSW, is a psychoanalyst, clinical social worker, instructor, international speaker, and consultant in private practice in San Francisco. Her papers include “Left Too Long: The Disappearing Analyst”; “When the Mind Does Not Arrive”; “Thinking About Trauma, Finding Frankenstein”; “The Frankenstein Metaphor”; “Estranged from Oneself,” with a focus on negation trauma, intersubjectivity and unrepresented states.

Inna Rosentsvit, MD, Ph.D, MSci, is a physician-neurologist and neurorehabilitstion specialist trained in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, with extensive experience in brain injury, autoimmune neurological and neuropsychiatric conditions, and rehabilitation. She is Associate Editor of Clio’s Psyche; Associate Director of the Psychohistory Forum; Group Co-Leader of the Psychobiography Research and Publication Group of the Forum.