Panel Presentation (continued):
Understanding Religion: Psychohistorical Perspectives
• Panelists: Marc-Andre Cotton, Doris Leicher, Kenneth Rasmussen, Charles Gourgey (60 min)

Abstract: The diverse phenomena of religion can be arrayed along a humanist / authoritarian continuum. This classification reflects divergent child-rearing subcultures corresponding to what cognitive linguist George Lakoff called the “nurturing parent” and “strict father” types.  It also helps illuminate the Janus-faced nature of religion, which contributes to egalitarian movements in its humanist variants (e.g. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) and to reactionary movements in its authoritarian variants (e.g. fundamentalists who voted for Donald Trump).  This panel explores these and related themes, drawing upon multiple disciplines including psychoanalysis, history, and biblical studies.

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