Panel Presentation (continued):
Psychohistorical Aspects of the Global Rise of the Radical Right and Authoritarian Populism
Panelists: Brigitte Demeure, Ken Fuchsman, Karyne Messina, Peter Petschauer, Kenneth Rasmussen (60 min)

Ken Fuchsman: Donald Trump and the American Radical Right: Or Where Is Popular Support for Lawful Democracy When Needed? (30 min)

Abstract: Since the collapse of the USSR, many Americans on the right have found a new enemy, the supposedly Un-American Democratic Party. Donald Trump has given voice to these and other sentiments. Part of his support stems from that as an adult Donald Trump has often functioned outside the law. His career-long hostility to any infringements on his freedom is echoed in the sentiments of many of his supporters. Like him, many of Trump’s right-wing supporters exhibit little allegiance to civility, legalities, and constitutional government. Since his 2020 defeat, Trump has grown more bitter, conspiratorial, and furious. The American paranoid style has reached a new peak. This paper explores these extraordinary tendencies historically, biographically, and psychologically.

Bio: Ken Fuchsman, EdD, is co-editor with Michael Maccoby of a 2020 book on Donald Trump, author of Movies, Rock & Roll, Freud, and of Freud’s Inner Divisions. He is past President of the International Psychohistorical Association, past content editor of the Psychohistory News, and Emeritus faculty and administrator at the University of Connecticut.

General Discussion and Q&A (30 min)