Panel Presentation (continued):
Antisemitism as Jew-Hatred: A Psychohistorical Enigma – Part 3
• Ziva Bracha Gidron: Hope as a Jewish Unique Phenomenon – The Response to the Radical Islamic Antisemitism (30 min)
• General Discussion and Conclusion (Moderator: Daniel Burston) (30 min)

Ziva Bracha Gidron: Hope as a Jewish Unique Phenomenon – The Response to the Radical Islamic Antisemitism (30 min)

Abstract: On Saturday, October 7th, 2023, Hamas Muslim Arab terrorists attacked Israeli civilians in the most brutal massacre after the holocaust. Over 1,400 Israelis civilians were slaughtered, raped, and abused, with 250 kidnapped to Gaza; among them babies, children, and adults from 9-months to 85 years old.

Those crimes against humanity were perpetuated in the name of the radical Islam whose charter calls for the elimination of the state of Israel. The radical reactions to the massacre brought out loud what was known but well hidden; the awakening of the progressive movements who demonstrate the new version of antisemitism.

It is time for humanity to distinguish between good and evil and decide that this world should be a better place. In Jewish Talmud it is called “Tikun Olam,” the reparation of the world. And a better world includes the struggle against Antisemitism.

Throughout Jewish history, Jews responded to evil through the profound method of Jewish Psychospiritual approach supported by Hope. Hope that is expressed by education, being excellent in all ears of life, and faith in Gd, as well as to transform from times of distress to moments of creativity, elevation, and growth.

The yearning for peace was one of these psychospiritual movements. This was the way Jewish existence expressed the idea of “Carrying Opposites & Unity of Opposites.” This profound Jewish concept is an active one. It means that in all life situations, bad and good, one can interpret as “Oneness” a part of the divine plane helping humanity to contain complexity: wishing for peace together with fighting evil, recognizing despair, and choosing life, all at the same time,

Israeli society reflects it in one of the most difficult times since its establishment. It keeps the inner spirit of an entire nation by expressing diversity in a democratic way: in unity, faith, and resilience.

Bio: Ziva Bracha Gidron, PsyD, MA Professional Psychodrama Therapist, professional supervisor, founder, and manager of Hakol Koreh, The Center of the Jerusalem Psychodrama Institute. She is a psychotherapist for individuals and couples and has been a psychodramatist for more than 24 years. Ziva is a senior lecturer in the Israeli educational ministry working with the Crises, Stress, Suicide & Emergency Treatment Unit. She is also a senior lecturer at the Prof. Rotenberg Institute. She integrates Jewish psychology with various psychotherapy methods. Her doctoral thesis in Psychology was on “Unity of opposites” – on creating Hope in Psychodrama Group Psychotherapy, based on the relational approach and the Jewish Hasidic Spiritual Approach.

Daniel Burston (Moderator): General Discussion and Conclusion of the Panel on Antisemitism (30 min)