Panel Presentation (continued):
Antisemitism as Jew-Hatred: A Psychohistorical Enigma – Part 1
• Charlotte Schwartz: Aggression and the Purpose of Antisemitism (30 min)
• General Discussion (Moderator: Daniel Burston) (30 min)

Abstract: The author hopes to demonstrate how antisemitism has been utilized by various societies to discharge aggression in the form of hate to the “other,” and thus protect their indigenous populous from excessive harm. The Jew as the recipient of the negative aspects of the aggressive drive spares the dominant group from the murderous rage and hatred that is an inherent aspect of this biological drive. 

Bio: Charlotte Schwartz, MSS, LCSW, is a psychoanalyst in private practice in the Chicago area and is a supervisor of social work and has taught pediatrics and social work at New York Medical College, Smith College School for Social Work, and NYU School of Social Work and Hunter College School of Social Work.

Charlotte Schwartz is the author of Sex, Society and Relationships: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow and The Mythology Surrounding Freud and Klein: Implications for Psychoanalysis. She also published numerous articles related to psychoanalytic theory and clinical work.