Influence of Alice Miller’s Theories on Healing Work with the Child Abuse Survivors – Martin Miller


In this presentation, psychologist and childhood trauma specialist Martin Miller, son of famous psychologist, writer, and child advocate Alice Miller, will discuss his mother’s influence on the healing treatment approach he developed over the span of over four decades. Despite a very strained relationship with his mother, which Martin Miller tried to reconcile by writing a book about it, and then – by doing the documentary “Who’s Afraid of Alice Miller?” – he gives credit to his mother’s books and theories, as these gave him the key to unlock and better understand his parents’ behavior and his own traumatic experiences.

Short bio:

Psychologist Martin Miller, PhLic/FSP (Federation of Swiss Psychologists) practices in Uster, near Zurich. Born in Switzerland, in a family of famous psychologist and advocate of children Alice Miller, he developed a new approach to working with early trauma, which is based on rebuilding the “self” of the patient through a special relationship with the therapist. After his mother’s death, Martin Miller’s book, The True “Drama of the Gifted Child”: The Phantom Alice Miller — The Real Person, saw the light, first in German, then in English. It revealed Martin’s traumatic childhood and pain, and it became a shock to professionals and parents all over the world. In 2020, the award-winning documentary film about his life, titled “Who’s Afraid of Alice Miller?” premiered in Switzerland, and then in the US. His website is