Individual Presentation:
• Marc-André Cotton: Behaviorism and the Shaping of the American Mind (60 min)

Abstract: Historically founded on animal experimentation, behaviorism made withdrawal of parental attention—or ‘time-out’—one of the instruments of its Parent management training programs. However, the question of the effectiveness, or even harmfulness of this measure is still being debated. The aim of this presentation is to take a closer look at the studies that behaviorists claim to justify ‘time-out’ for children. The possible side-effects of ‘time-out’ for children’s psycho-affective balance, and the evolution of its social acceptability will also be examined.

Bio: Marc-André Cotton, MA, is an independent scholar and advocate of children. With his late wife and therapist Sylvie Vermeulen, he is the founder of the French website Regard conscient, a research project whose purpose is to bring to light the links between repressed sufferings and their acting out on the different stages of life. He has published numerous articles on PH related topics, eventually serving as IPhA’s International Vice President since 2014. He regularly writes for French magazine PEPS, a quarterly dedicated to positive parenting, and lectures in parental education. He’s the author of “In the Name of the Father, the Bush Years” and the “Legacy of Violence in Childrearing,” published in French in 2014.