Individual Presentation:
• Francis Baudry: Freud and Marie Bonaparte Correspondence 1925-1939: An intimate relationship (60 min)

Abstract: This presentation will explore an extraordinary view of the complex mixture of personal and professional relationships, involving mutual acting out. Periodic analysis in Vienna complemented by an affair and an analysis of Marie Bonaparte, a Greek princess, by Rudolph Loewenstein, who, for Marie Bonaparte, was a substitute for both Freud (she addressed the latter as mon cher pere) and for her beloved father, who died 2 years previously.

Bio: Francis Baudry, M.D., is a distinguished psychiatrist with over 60 years of clinical experience. He is a Training and Supervising Analyst at New York Psychoanalytic Society & Institute. His special interests include a wide range of analytic theories: Kleinian, French (especially the work of André Green), and South American. Dr. Baudry has written on a wide variety of topics including subjectivity, character supervision, and applied analysis.