How Is Psychology Used in History? (And the Different Appropriations of Psychohistory by Psychologists and Historians) – Tulin Erinc


Psychohistory is a theory that is perceived and used in different ways by psychologists and historians.  In this presentation, what psychohistory means for the two fields and how it is used, what are the common points and differences will be examined. In addition, the types of use of psychology in historiography will be evaluated through examples from Ottoman/ Turkish History. Methods such as psychobiography, memory processes, and application of psychoanalysis to history will also be discussed.

Short bio:

Tülin Erinç, MA is a Ph.D. candidate in Ancient History at Istanbul University doing research in psychohistory and religious studies. She holds certificates as a Professional Life Coach, Education Coach, and NLP Coach. Her research interests include Psychology, Psychohistory, Anthropology, Mythology, Alchemy and Symbolism.