Healing From Our Narcissistic, Child Abuse World & Importance of Psychohistory’s Future – John Paul Rice


Psychohistory is key to building a new foundation for humanity. Today’s forms of propaganda found in politics, media, and culture are leading to more extreme aspects of society. As a result, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) will be embraced by many as an evolution of human consciousness – a dangerous precedent with a handful of global corporations and governments wielding A.I.’s power – and presented as a solution to keep billions safe from threats. By mapping narcissistic behaviors in childhood and modeling how they play out over time, scalable models can be built that predict various social, cultural, and political trajectories with potential outcomes. Building from the works of Jung, Fromm, Miller, McGilchrist and others, psychohistory’s application in both today and tomorrow’s world could lead to healing childhood traumas before they find a damaging collective ideology or cult to call home.

Short bio:

John Paul Rice is a former Hollywood film producer and financial systems analyst turned entrepreneur and advocate for abused children. His 7 feature films are distributed today in over 150 countries on platforms such as Amazon, Apple TV, Roku, and Tubi among others. Since 2008, Mr. Rice’s films have featured stories that contain social issues rarely shown in Hollywood films. John’s personal journey to heal from his abusive childhood inspired him to seek creative solutions for a new paradigm based on compassion, empathy, forgiveness, and unconditional love with the deepest humility. His current endeavors include developing a 21st century firewall app for smartphones, a Virtual Reality and NFT project for music and visual artists, and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs to create innovative, scalable solutions that bring us back to humanity, with a focus on creating a safe world for all children.