Evil Spirits and the feared “other” – Ruth Lijtmaer


All ideologies may become evil spirits that drive into a flock of swine. Yet ideology in the form of poisonous prejudice and hate against race, class, religion, ethnic minorities, or gender, is often skillfully hidden behind deception and lies. Is evil simple the absence of good, or is it more an active pursuit of wrongdoing? Why the “other” is so dangerous?
Dialogue and the recognition of the “Other” as a human being is an emergency now that the populations in the world are polarized due to the pandemic, climate change, politics and war.

Short bio:

Ruth M. Lijtmaer, PhD, Senior supervisor, training analyst and faculty at the Center for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis of New Jersey. Private practice. Ridgewood, New Jersey. Board member of IFPE from 2015 to 2022. She presents papers nationally and internationally on social issues, discrimination, ethnicity, culture, immigration from a relational viewpoint.