Doing Psychohistory: Insights for those Writing Psychohistory from a Veteran Colleague Who Has Been Teaching/Doing it for 50 Years – Paul Elovitz


In writing what is tentatively viewed as an introduction to or handbook of psychohistory, “Doing Psychohistory,” I will focus on topics such as My Psychohistorical Vision, Listening to the Unconscious and other Evidence, Methodology, Childhood and Its Role, Following the Emotion, Political Psychology, Psychohistorical Training, Psychobiography, Dreamwork, and Teaching Psychohistory/Psychohistorically. I will mostly use a case study approach. By April I will narrow down my title.

Short bio:

Paul H. Elovitz, PhD, is a research psychoanalyst, presidential psychobiographer, historian, and scholar with over 400 publications who has presented at all 45 IPhA conferences and has served this organization in most offices as well as the presidency. He is Editor-In-Chief of Clio’s Psyche, Convener/Director of the Psychohistory Forum, and a retired college professor who has taught at Fairleigh Dickenson, Rutgers, and Temple universities as well as at Ramapo college where he was a founding faculty member. He continues to teach psychohistory online and may be reached at .