Cyberpsychological Investigations of Social Media and Online Antisemitism – Julie Ancis


This presentation will provide an overview of the social media landscape as relates to conversations about Jews and antisemitic content and images (Hubscher & von Mering, 2022). Social media has resulted in the dissemination of information at an unprecedented rate and reach (Ancis, 2020). The spread of antisemitic messages on such platforms as Twitter (Jikeli, Cavar, & Miehling, 2019) and its relationship to contemporary, societal trends will be discussed. The presenter will describe how both implicit and explicit antisemitic social media messages manifest on social media today, including its potential impact on current attitudes and behavioral intentions.

Short bio:

Julie R. Ancis is a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Informatics and Founding Director of the Cyberpsychology Program at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Dr. Ancis is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association (Divisions 17, 35, and 46). Prior to her current position, Dr. Ancis served as the Associate Vice President for Institute Diversity at Georgia Institute of Technology and was affiliated with the School of Psychology. At Georgia Tech Dr. Ancis was Principal and Co-Principal Investigator of 6 million dollars in grant funding from the Department of Education and the National Science Foundation. Dr. Ancis also served as a tenured Psychology Professor at Georgia State University. Dr. Ancis’ extensive scholarly publications include 4 books, approximately 80 journal articles, book chapters, and technical reports; and over 200 professional presentations focused on cyberpsychology, diversity, multicultural competence, the legal system, and human-computer interaction.